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Jebsen Rederri Go Gamido: Braving Tides, Conquering Horizons

An entire ocean of advocates gathered in a night of love and pride to celebrate the astounding breakthroughs in the […]

Elena Felix: Strength in Community

A Ripple Award recipient in 2017, Elena Felix remains to be a picture of a woman of strength, resilience, and […]

Ana Theresia Hontiveros-Baraquiel HonShaking Grounds, Creating Bigger Ripples

It was an evening of love and pride when Love Gala 2017 concluded with the first ever Ripple Awards on […]

Faustine Luell “Paji” Tupas Angeles, Jr. : Treading the Road Less Traveled

Life is a road we all travel on. Either we take the road paved for us, or we tread our […]

Save the Date: Love Gala 2018

Mingle with the Ripple Awards winners and other society figures supporting HIV Advocacy in the Philippines and Asia, and watch celebrity performances from the country's top designers for 2018.

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