Ripple Awards Nomination is now open!


Reflections in Ripples: Enrique Tayag

Starting the Talk His road to excellence started in December 2011 when he made the rounds online as he puts […]

Angie Mead King: Ripples that Last

It’s no surprise that the name Angelina “Angie” Mead King reminds you of such words as passion, hardwork, and dedication. […]

Nominations for Ripple Awards 2018 Now Open!

A second round of HIV and AIDS groundbreakers will memorialize their mark in the 2018 Ripple Awards to be held […]

M.A. Buendia Excites With Future Plans

Hundreds came together to celebrate the love that they shared with the HIV Advocacy at the Love Gala on December […]

Save the Date: Love Gala 2018

Mingle with the Ripple Awards winners and other society figures supporting HIV Advocacy in the Philippines and Asia, and watch celebrity performances from the country's top designers for 2018.

Support the Cause

LoveGala is a non-profit event that raises awareness and solidarity among the community. You can spread the Love wherever you are in the world!