It’s no surprise that the name Angelina “Angie” Mead King reminds you of such words as passion, hardwork, and dedication. As if being a committed philanthropist and a successful managing director of Victoria Court isn’t enough to keep her occupied, Angie has worn additional hats: taking her obsession with cars from the road to cable TV via ANC’s “Rev” co-hosting alongside Paolo Abrera, and sharing her love for beauty with spouse Joey Mead as they launched The Colourette ⨯ The Kings makeup line in June.

She’s also taken this seemingly unstoppable attitude in her HIV advocacy, making her a gamechanger and a champion in this front. This earned her in 2017 one of the ten Ripple Awards, an award given to individuals who have created a substantial impact in the HIV advocacy. Angie’s efforts in spreading awareness resonates and inspires until now.

What Starts as a Drop…

Angie launched the Stop HIV Awareness Campaign video in 2006, which enlists top celebrities, such as Richard Gomez, Richard Gutierrez, Marc Nelson and Joey Mead-King, among others. She made it happen at a time when HIV cases steadily and alarmingly increase. Over a decade since the video was made, the message couldn’t be more relevant and fitting.

This single video worked like a pebble, sending out ripples of passion-driven projects Angie got involved, all for driving her HIV advocacy. She has since headed and launched several events These projects aimed at providing avenues for screening, promoting education and raising awareness.

Over the years, Angie through Victoria Court continues to support the HIV advocacy by giving out free condoms in all their hotel rooms, assisting people living with HIV (PLHIVs) through the HIV & AIDS Support House Inc. (HASH) and partnering with LoveYourself on various HIV screening and awareness events.

…Creating Ripples That Last

Whether it’s a video that remains forever when preserved in the internet or good deeds that never go unnoticed, Angie’s work was influential to push HIV awareness in the forefront the past decade. Her Ripple Award in 2017 is a proof of the inspiration she served to others who look up to her and follow her footsteps in taking the advocacy further.

Angie believes people who share the same passion as hers should step forward. “The country needs more people who care about the wellbeing of others. HIV and AIDS has been on the rise and it’s up to people like us to keep it on the forefront of awareness.”

The Love Gala organization is getting ready to hand out this year’s batch of Ripple Awards in time for the World AIDS Day. If you or someone you know has done a significant act for HIV/AIDS advocacy, now’s the chance to recognize them. Visit and nominate someone today!

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