Who can be nominated?

Nominate someone today who has changed the landscape of HIV-AIDS here in the Philippines and created ripples of positive change in the community. They can be a representative from the following sectors:

  1. Business (HIV policy in the workplace, companies, programs for business)
  2. Youth (program for the youth sector, youth-initiated)
  3. Academe (educational institutions, school organizations, program for schools)
  4. Government (legislators, LGUs, government organizations)
  5. Media & Advertising (digital, media organizations, media programs)
  6. Influencer (individual)
  7. NGOs (NGO-led programs)
  8. PLHIV (support groups, individual)
  9. Medical (hospitals, doctors, clinics, medical practitioner)
  10. Arts (films, stage play, artworks, artists)

The screening committee will pick the top 20 finalists who will move to final interview and judging.

who can be nominated


vision and values

Vision and Values (25%)

What's the vision of the nominee to improve the HIV-AIDS situation in the Philippines? What is the nominee trying to solve? And what unique values does s/he possess that are helping drive this vision to life?

Strategy and Actions (25%)

What is the nominee's strategy to achieve his vision? What is he/she doing, or has done, to bring about positive change, especially in communities affected by HIV-AIDS?


Results and Impact (25%)

What have been the specific results of the nominee's strategy and actions? What have been the demonstrable impacts of his/her HIV-AIDS-related initiatives?

Ability to Inspire and Influence (25%)

How has the nominee inspired others to help achieve his/her vision? Or encouraged others to contribute to and rally behind the HIV-AIDS advocacy?