Nomination Period & Screening

After a 45-day nomination period, the screening committee will deliberate and choose the top 20 finalists who will proceed to the next phase.

Judging & Announcement

If deemed necessary, the panel of judges may invite the finalists for an interview. Final judging and deliberation of the 10 grand honorees will follow.

Story Production & Awarding

Once chosen, you will be contacted by the organizers and schedule a story shoot and production. The awarding will then happen during the Love Gala event on December 1.

Important Reminders


Phase 1 - Nomination Period (July 30 - August 31)

Phase 2 - Nomination Screening (September 1 - 15)

Phase 3 - Final Interview (September 22)

Phase 4 - Final Judging (September 22)

Phase 5 - Announcement of Winners (September 27)

Phase 6 - Story and Video Production (October - November)

Phase 7 - Awarding (December 1)


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