Hundreds came together to celebrate the love that they shared with the HIV Advocacy at the Love Gala on December 1, 2017. The night culminated with the first Ripple Awards which honored 10 game changers in the field of HIV and AIDS. Amidst the twenty Ripplers chosen by esteemed panel of judges, MA Buendia stood out as the man who brought awareness to the airwaves with his advocacy talk show Call Center Radio. With a massive following and informative content, he utilizes multiple platforms to create ripples of positive change within his followers.

Going Beyond the Air

MA has been quiet since his number one show on DZRJ 810AM, Call Center Radio got cut mid-season due to 8trimedia going on hiatus. However this unexpected bump in the road can’t stop MA from continuing his passion to educate and inspire people on a widespread scale.

One of MA’s most significant work was his youtube documentary on HIV testing. He showed how easy it was to get tested for HIV. Just recently, his Youtube channel hit the 10,000 subscriber mark which renewed a fire to keep the the channel growing. With new video ideas and collaborations with other online personalities in mind, MA is hopeful that he can influence more people towards taking positive actions.


Ever since MA’s stories, videos, and quotes became viral on twitter and facebook, he has been invited to multiple universities, foundations, companies, and communities to talk about advocacies he cares about. The latest talk he did was about LGBT inclusion in the workplace for Accenture’s Pride Month celebration which he held dear to his heart.

Along with other writers and bloggers, MA will be part of Pluma Pilipinas which is an online portal filled with wisdom and motivational content. The project is still being worked out, but MA is excited for its official launch some time soon.

Time for New Ripplers

“It’s never an easy task, but we’re becoming closer to our goal because of these people who selflessly care. It’s their dedication and passion to this cause that deserve this kind of recognition.” - MA Buendia

A second wave of HIV and AIDS groundbreakers will be honored at this year’s Ripple Awards on November 31, 2018. The search for the next set of ripplers is now set.

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