1. Anyone from the Top Ripplers (Finalist) can join the contest.
  2. Only one entry per Rippler. Entry must be taken and owned by the participant.
  3. The Objective of the video is for the Rippler to tell their story on how they started helping in the HIV/AIDS Advocacy, highlighting their accomplishments, focusing on the impact of the things they have done for the community and for the advocacy.
  4. The entry should be no less than 1 minute but not more than 2 minutes in duration.
  5. Submission of Entries:
    1. Entry must be submitted on or before April 15, 2019, 11:59pm.
    2. The entry should include the following:
      1. Full name of Participant
      2. Short Description
  6. Participants agree to allow the Love Gala organizers to use their entry in part or in full for all Love Gala and Ripple Awards channels.
  7. The winner will be announced on May 11, 2019 during the Love Gala event.

Creativity (30%)

How the Entrant was able to convey their idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way through their lens, narrative, performance, etc.

Impact (30%)

What you feel when you first view the Entry. Does the video evoke an emotion from the viewer? Does the video engage you from the onset or does it lose momentum?

Story Telling (40%)

How the nominee is able to let their Video Entry evoke the viewer’s imagination, which may differ by each viewer. Is the story being told the right story in the HIV advocacy?

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