A second round of HIV and AIDS groundbreakers will memorialize their mark in the 2018 Ripple Awards to be held at Love Gala this November 30, 2018. Nominations for the next set of Ripplers are now open until August 31, 2018.

Who can we nominate?

Nominate initiatives and groundbreakers who have made a positive impact on the HIV and AIDS epidemic here in the Philippines and created ripples of positive change in the community. This year, we are in the search for:

  • Individuals whose kindness, brilliance, and bravery have uplifted lives affected by HIV through various sectors in our society (Media & Advertising, Medicine, Arts, PLHIVs, Government, and the Academe).
  • Organizations that have created and brought change to the HIV advocacy by inspiring people, volunteers, and others to be agents of change.
  • Projects that have brought about a large positive change to a specific target audience through a sustainable campaign or project.

The screening committee will pick ten individuals, five organizations, and five projects that will move for the final interview and judging.

What is Ripple Awards?

A single person’s act of love can start a ripple that saves millions.

It is this ethos of courage and compassion in the face of tremendous odds that inspired the ripple awards. This 2018, it will honor three amazing people, one organization, and one project that has helped shape the landscape of the HIV advocacy in the Philippines and in Asia.

The Ripple Awards are held annually with nominations gathered from the public. Five honorees will be chosen this year and awarded at the annual Love Gala that will be held on November 31, ushering in World AIDS Day, where their inspiring contributions are celebrated in unison with the clobal commemoration.

Beyond the glitz and glamor, the Ripple Awards celebrate how the great human potential can drive waves of change, hope, and healing to others in need.

Visit www.lovegala.org/nominate-now/ and nominate someone today!

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