Sherwin Baniqued was one of the 20 individuals nominated for 2017 Ripple Awards because of his remarkable contributions to eradicate HIV and AIDS epidemic in the Philippines.

His recognition has opened many doors for him and his group, Juan Posi+ive Movement (JPMAI), to intensify their initiatives in spreading awareness on HIV and AIDS, and mitigate if not eradicate the stigma and discrimination associated with it. This was followed by the Department of Health (DOH) Region III recognizing its appreciation to Juan JPMAI during the DOH’s 6th Excellence Award for Health, on 13th of February 2018, as one of the active Non-government Organization providing sexual health services in the region.

Capacity Building

As Baniqued’s commitment to the advocacy became deeper, he knew that passion can only go far if it will be supported with efficient and excellent knowledge and skills. “A shared vision binds people from different walks of life sharing best practices from different avenues and creating a team in the aid of preserving an HIV Responsive community.”, he said.

They participated in directional or strategic planning workshop initiated by DOH. This included the identification of concrete system and process of services from HIV and AIDS Prevention to Treatment, Care and Support. This is indeed a good way to start the year.

On June 12-15, Baniqued enriched his skillset in the Digital Skills Training for Community Based Organizations, led by LoveYourself, Inc., at Garden Hotel Pasay. JPMAI have started giving focus on the use of digital platforms to further their advocacy.

Community Involvement

Baniqued has been active in socio-civic involvement. He participated in the interpolation for the amendment of RA 8504 on 27 February 2018. Baniqued was also tapped to participate in the first country-wide simultaneous testing event: This is Me: Brave and Free. JPMAI operated during this joint event on May 26, 2018.


They expanded their partnerships beyond DOH with Clark Development Corporation. With this, they conducted several HIV education in different private corporation such as STARTEK Philippines, TELETECH Pampanga and Support Ninja PH.

They also launched their on-the-job-training program open for Business, Finance and Marketing students.

Initiatives and Innovations

On 16 June 2018, they conducted the integration of HIV to Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training for Nurses and other health care providers.

JPMAI used pageantry as a tool to expand their network. Baniqued led the conceptualization of the first ever inter-LGBT clan pageant in the region. The LGBT Network Pampanga King and Queen Interclan was held on 28 July 2018. The event aimed to showcase the refined image of the LGBTQ Community promoting Health Awareness and other advocacies & community service.

“What makes us human is that we set aside differences, break barriers and fill the gaps to create a more comprehensive and strategic approach in enabling and honing ours peers as champions in their own time, at their own pace and their own spotlights.”, Baniqued shared.

This November 30, 2018, join us in honoring the next batch of Ripplers and witness how tiny acts of love can create huge ripples of positive change in our community. Celebrate the hard work of your own community champion by submitting their names for this year’s Ripple Awards. Nominate someone today by clicking here.

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