A known pioneer in the field Darwin Tenoria has done many firsts in the HIV and AIDS advocacy. In his community, Darwin is known to be the founding member of Positively Empowered People of Antipolo (PEPA). To some, he is known as the first PLHIV to come out public in the city, and has since been a major instrument in innovating and developing their community’s approach to the HIV epidemic.

PEPA is a community-based organization (CBO) whose primary objective is to create a forum among the citizens and stakeholders of Antipolo City, to discuss strategies, experiences, and shared objectives in the growing HIV and AIDS epidemic. The organization’s thrust is to promote education about HIV and to continuously improve services to better serve its constituents. It conducts monthly support group sessions where PLHIVs share their stories, struggles, and concerns.

The organization was established in 2016 with the support of the Antipolo Social Hygiene Clinic & Satellite Treatment Hub. It started as a support group for newly diagnosed PLHIVs. PEPA itself then became a DOH-certified Satellite Treatment Hub in 2017.

Outside PEPA, Darwin also serves as the focal person for Prevention and Desensitization Programs for HIV and AIDS. He is dubbed to be an exceptional resource speaker and educator, especially when delivering talks about HIV and AIDS in schools, workplaces, and other organizations. His desire for innovative approach and his heart for the advocacy are at the core of his work.

Tenoria is a DOH-certified HIV counselor. He was also trained as a peer educator by Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. and LoveYourself, Inc. He also received his ceritifcation as a Community-Base Screening (CBS) motivator from the HIV & AIDS Support House, Inc. (HASH) – a program in which he emerged as Top CBS Motivator for his batch.

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About the Ripple Awards

The second Ripple Awards was inspired by the ethos of courage and compassion in the face of tremendous odds, thus now honoring five (5) individuals, three (3) organizations and a project which demonstrates the genuine ability to move other people towards uplifting the lives affected by the HIV-AIDS epidemic.

Beyond the glitz and glamor, The Ripple Awards celebrates the great human potential to drive change, inspire hope, and bring healing to others in need. Save the date for the awarding of the top Ripplers at the Love Gala on May 11, 2019. Get your tickets here.

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