Family is where every individual’s rights start. Also known as the basic unit of the society, it plays a very crucial role in the development of its members that will eventually affect its community and the society as a whole. Every family is hoped to be the strongest foundation every person can have. However, not all families are able to protect and promote their well-being. This is why the government and the private sector work with the family.

Hailing from Iloilo, Family Planning Organization of the Philippines or the FPOP Iloilo chapter is one of the non-government organizations dedicated to care for the Filipino family. They advocate for the good formation of a family guided by their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).

They made sure that the family planning services are available to all Filipinos especially to the adolescents. This include the provision of adolescent health care services medical laboratory procedures, birthing services, newborn screening, immunization, HIV and AIDS counselling, HIV testing, peer and community education. One of their priorities is reaching the locales living in geographically isolated and difficult to reach areas who are most likely denied with access to such health education and services. They also rendered assistance to persons living with HIV through their comprehensive SRHR programs.

Anchored on rights-based programs and services, their efforts contribute in our fight against the social stigma brought by wrong perception and misinformation about HIV and AIDS. They work hard to provide updated and fact-based information to their clients making HIV and AIDS discussion a part of sexual health.

For 40 years now, FPOP has not given up in its mission to help improve the quality of life of Filipinos. From its founders Dr. Gregorio G. Lim and Dr. Jose B. Catindig to the leaders, staff and volunteers, FPOP has emerged to become the leading reproductive health care service provider and SRHR advocate in the country today.

FPOP was born on August 4, 1969 out of the convergence of two organizations that pioneered the family planning movement in the country—the Family Planning Association of the Philippines and the Planned Parenthood Movement of the Philippines. They only have one goal: to make family planning more accessible to Filipinos.

Driven by their passion for excellence, accountability, equality in diversity and purpose,  FPOP Iloilo Chapter vows to continue empower one family at a time.

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About the Ripple Awards

The second Ripple Awards was inspired by the ethos of courage and compassion in the face of tremendous odds, thus now honoring five (5) individuals, three (3) organizations and a project which demonstrates the genuine ability to move other people towards uplifting the lives affected by the HIV-AIDS epidemic.

Beyond the glitz and glamor, The Ripple Awards celebrates the great human potential to drive change, inspire hope, and bring healing to others in need. Save the date for the awarding of the top Ripplers at the Love Gala on May 11, 2019. Get your tickets here.

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