Equipped with a background in the medical field, Dr. Marc Lester "Mac" F. Quintana has decided to use his knowledge to promote HIV/AIDS Awareness around Laguna and Batangas.

Being an HIV/AIDS awareness advocate, a nurse, an educator, and a leader, Quintana came up with “innoHIVe” or Innovative HIV Education, which is a Laguna University HIV/AIDS Awareness Program.

Quintana's program envisions itself to be a scientific, gender sensitive, and family-oriented educational partner to enrich the HIV/AIDS education for senior high schools of Laguna Local Colleges and Universities.

Composed of four subsidiary programs, innoHIVe’s mission is to provide effective programs in raising awareness regarding HIV Transmission and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Protection.

The four subsidiary programs include (1) the innoHIVe Symposium wherein a seminar or symposium will be conducted in Laguna University spearheaded by the researcher himself and lecturers and guest speakers from Laguna AIDS Council; (2) the innoHIVe Intensive Focused Lecture spearheaded by the researcher being the lecturer for series of meetings with the participants; (3) the innoHIVe Focused Group Discussion (FGD) with Counseling, Testing, and Referral Services which aims to allow students under the supervision of the lecturer to raise personal questions and perspective regarding the topic on hand; and (4) the innoHIVe Film Showing Strategy which aims to accentuate and emphasize real-life situations of people living with HIV and AIDS including physical, emotional, social, and legal crises being experience by these people living with HIV and AIDS.

His innoHIVe program has brought a higher level of awareness among the recipients and participants. It has garnered attention and support from the Laguna Provincial AIDS Council and has been implemented strategically and scientifically as its existence is backed up by an action research spearheaded by Dr. Mac himself.

Before he became an advocate for HIV/AIDS, Quinatana first became a registered nurse in the Philippines in 2007 and in the State of California, USA a year after. He then pursued his Master of Arts in Nursing, Major in Nursing Administration, Minor in Maternal and Child Health in 2011, and recently finished his Executive Doctorate in Leadership, Major in Education this 2018.

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About the Ripple Awards

The second Ripple Awards was inspired by the ethos of courage and compassion in the face of tremendous odds, thus now honoring five (5) individuals, three (3) organizations and a project which demonstrates the genuine ability to move other people towards uplifting the lives affected by the HIV-AIDS epidemic.

Beyond the glitz and glamor, The Ripple Awards celebrates the great human potential to drive change, inspire hope, and bring healing to others in need. Save the date for the awarding of the top Ripplers at the Love Gala on May 11, 2019. Get your tickets here.

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