Mikhail Zion Taggueg graduated with Bachelor Science Tourism Management in the University of the Philippines. After graduation, he worked in a well-known Hotel conglomerate in Makati City for two years. Returning to his hometown, he built a program that caters to PLHIVs in Isabela, Cagayan Valley. He also created the "Cagayan Valley Support System" together with Victor Silba (GIV Group, Brazil) and mentored by Ms. Elena Felix. The organization focuses its advocacy through the promotion of prevention, education and providing care to benefit the welfare of persons living with HIV and AIDS.

Having founded the organization, Mikhail has focused solely on developing and broadening its impact on his community. Mikhail, being the founder and president of the organization, has focused solely his career on developing and broadening the impact of the organization on his community. Currently, he is now working as the Treatment Care and Support Coordinator as well as a Certified DOH-HIV Counselor under the Department of Health Regional Office II. By pursuing for Master in Business Administration he continues to broaden his knowledge.

Mikhail has been able to provide emotional support and coping mechanisms to PLHIVs undergoing difficulties. He makes sure that they are aware of ARTs and encourages them to keep on taking their medication faithfully. Being a man full of positivity, he inspires and encourages that PLHIVs can live a positive and productive life.

A visionary of the current times, Mikhail envisions through his organization, and representation in the DOH-Region II to be the driving force of wellness and support to PLHIVs and non-PLHIVs and to give a quality health services and welfare to its community. Through his organization, he was able to gather diverse allies to spread HIV awareness and advocacy through radio programs, by attending seminars, and doing field works. He became the HIV Focal Person for Region II.

Mikhail and the Cagayan Valley Support System have been recognized due to its aggressive campaign on HIV-AIDS Awareness and advocacy. They conducted HIV awareness seminars in educational institutions and private sectors; collaborating with the DOH to grant training certification like, CBS and Counseling Training; established partnership with LGUs and the private sector to provide the needs of PLHIVs.

People admired Mikhail for his perseverance to create programs and projects for the PLHIVs members and patients. He has become a potent voice during discussions with public and private sectors, with topics inclined for PLHIVs. Through his persistence, he was able to acquire a wide range of networks that might, and will help him on his pursuance towards HIV Awareness.

As Mikhail always say, "To move forward, nevertheless the hindrances", his life is a testament of his passion for his advocacy.

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About the Ripple Awards

The second Ripple Awards was inspired by the ethos of courage and compassion in the face of tremendous odds, thus now honoring five (5) individuals, three (3) organizations and a project which demonstrates the genuine ability to move other people towards uplifting the lives affected by the HIV-AIDS epidemic.

Beyond the glitz and glamor, The Ripple Awards celebrates the great human potential to drive change, inspire hope, and bring healing to others in need. Save the date for the awarding of the top Ripplers at the Love Gala on May 11, 2019. Get your tickets here.

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