Colliding Ripples at the FPOP Iloilo Chapter with international development partners, the chapter's youth volunteers, MSM and TG champions, HIV Ambassadors, service providers, staff and friends from Western Visayas and Iloilo City

“When ripples of love collide, no one can get away from the wave of inspiration”
-Roberto Figuracion, Jr.

Love was definitely in the air as Love Gala 2017 gathered the country's most driven and passionate HIV and AIDS advocates in one night. The first ever Ripple Awards concluded the night by honoring 10 of the most fervent and tenacious groundbreakers in the field of HIV and AIDS advocacy. From a pool of 20 Ripplers, ten extraordinary individuals were chosen by an esteemed panel of judges to be 2017’s Ripple Awardees.

Among the honored individuals is Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP Iloilo Chapter) HIV Coordinator, Roberto Figuracion Jr. He also serves as the Vice President of United Western Visayas Inc., a support group of People Living with HIV in Panay and Guimaras; and as a Care Manager of the Project Red Ribbon Care Management Foundation, Inc.

After the Ripple Awards

Since his recognition, Figuracion has continued his advocacy work especially in Iloilo and the rest of Western Visayas. Together with fellow advocates in the region, he has spearheaded the needed policy changes from the national level down to the regional issuances and local ordinances. He led efforts in promoting the inclusion of cisgender partners of Men Having Sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender Women (TGW), and implementing differentiated care by expanding the Community Based Screening spectrum to cover non-traditional target population like pregnant women and the young key population.

The Ripple Awards attracted more help for the region with technical assistance coming in to support the establishment of a Regional Service Delivery Network for HIV. It inspired Figuracion to rally for a more age-inclusive HIV programming with the successful pilot project in Iloilo City of the Proxy Consent and Case Management of Adolescents at Risk of HIV Infection. The City of Love is now at the forefront of hosting the first clinic to ever radicalize integrated and comprehensive HIV service delivery.

Amid his recognition as Ripple Awardee, Figuracion remains self-effacing - crediting the award to the unwavering passion and perseverance of advocates and ground workers in his community. “I’m just a face of a concerted effort here in Western Visayas”, he emphasized. “Many Ilonggos and our friends from the health sector, social welfare sector, government agencies and private organizations, key population and the people living with HIV, have been working together to help end this HIV epidemic”

With pure devotion to the cause and nothing but love for the community, Roberto Figuracion Jr. is a true community champion in HIV and AIDS advocacy.

Time for New Ripplers

This November 30, 2018, join us in honoring the next batch of Ripplers and witness how tiny acts of love can create huge ripples of positive change in our community. Celebrate the hard work of your own community champion by submitting their names for this year’s Ripple Awards. Nominate someone today by clicking here.


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